14 December 2010

Salut chers amis! J'ai des petits infos pour vous!!

So! Littlebiddie was supposed to post this awhile ago!! But, as my mama says, better late than never! I very much think a lot of mamas must say that. Anyways, un peu des petits infos pour vous!

Whew. So I am sitting outside my lecture room waiting for my delightful lil Spanish class to start. I have only about 15 minutes, mais, I felt the need to say a wee hello to cyberworld.

HOW IS LIFE! MINE HAS BEEN CRAZY! The last couple months have included an abundance of crazy-lovliness...

-the sending off of the sweet summer months into the beginning of a crisp, energized fall

-midterm papers, exams, and projects...in other words... SCHOOL.

- a peaceful weekend in the still, sublime mountains of Québec.


-a certain someone's TWENTIETH (!?!?!?) birthday accompanied by a a deliciously, fun Latina-dancing- filled night with some of the greatest of friends and AN AMAZING CAKE made by the best roomate in the New World

- a highly amusing conversation with Jonathan, the cheerful hobo, about the loveliness of playing frisbee in Parc Jean Mance.

- a trip down south to the native land to visit with two of the funniest and most beloved of biddie best friends! We spent a crazy but highly intellectual time at Yale University over a lovely autumn weekend. Was centered around laughing and good food. Again, highly intellectual.
(Although all the pics actually do look a wee bit on the intellectual side hehe)


-An accidental handshake with foodie celeb Carlo Petrini, Italian entourage included; freshly made brick-oven pizza was most definitely involved.

-one of the deepest and most moving of train rides littlebiddie has ever had in her life. Littlebiddie's seat-mate and newly discovered soul sistah talked life, as they journeyed down the stunning, winding Northeast coast aboard the Appalachia 68.

- a surreal, all-to-short, and bittersweet solo walk through Times Square after 11 hours of that very moving train ride.


-Sweet and unbelievably cherished moments in the early mornings spent with God. (Love You so MUCH!!)

-one of the funniest and most scary half-an-hours in littlebiddie's life, in the car of a quite elderly (ancient) quebecoise. They met in the drizzly, foggy cobblestone streets of the Vieux Port, Old Port, after a night of Greek Tragic theater (très bon,very good, but not incredibly cheerful). Because it was raining, the tiny madame insisted on DRIVING littlebiddie home. She would not be convinced otherwise. Despite the countless turns onto one way streets whilst driving on wrong sides of barriers, littlebiddle did survive. Littlebiddie learned that Madame Anastasia had moved to Montreal from her native Greece over thirty years ago. She had been living by herself for almost twenty of those years. That night, both Madame Anastasia and littlebiddie gained a new friend.

                            A picture of Vieux Port from a summer night this year.

-a chance encounter with an old friend that was delightfully reminiscing-laden, in the dairy aisle of Metro.


-girlsnight. CHOCOLATE. SWISS CHOCOLATE was, and is always, fervently invited to girlsnight. There is always girlie chatter and laughing tremors involved as well. I've never quite used the word "tremor" to describe laughing. However, my dictionary has provided the words "shake," "earthquake," and "wobble" to describe its meaning and I would very much agree these describe our laughter. We love us some wobblin'.

-COFFEE. Goooodnesss graciousss. 

-funny talks and skype attempts with family. hahahhhah they very well may never understand the world of technology. 

anyways, had to do a quick update. more stories to come. 

à bientôt chers amis :)
Je vous aime!