30 November 2009

La Neige et Les Biscuits

Quick word from littlebiddie today as I have yet to do the multitude of things I should be doing. Take note: blogging is an extraordinary way to put off one's studies. ANYWAY! Today I woke up and pulled back my wonderfully off-white curtain to reveal an enchanting, soul-singing sight. A beautiful little blanket of snow dusted the rooftops and sidewalks of downtown Montréal and light snowflakes fluttered and danced down down and around like happy little papillions, little butterflies. I couldn't help the biddie smile that spread itself wide across my face. I danced my way over to the shower where I assuredly spent much too long a time singing to myself. I wouldn't dare to miss this occasion, though, as I know my dear neighbors love to hear my (quite high pitched) singing in the morning.

In response to the winter weather that is setting in, my friend Maxine and I decided to do one of mes   passe-temps préférésone of my favorite thingsBaking, bien sûr! Cookies! Now, I have always enjoyed eating healthy things and have recently, I will admit, become a part of the organic fresh food revolution thing that has gripped er, the world I guess. I purchased this organic cocoa powder from a shop on my street awhile ago and had never used it. Alors, Maxine and I resolved that we must find some way to use it in the cookies! Also, we had no money buy real chocolate.

                                      Here is le cocoa powder. Biologique, thank you very much:

                                                                      le progress: 

And alas! We made a beautiful discovery! Maxine found le chocolat! A bit old perhaps, but delicious all the same! Straight into the batter it went! We also took care to blast a bit of Brian McKnight Christmas music in the process. Brian, je t'aime.

                                                               avant the baking...

and well. I do not have après, after, the baking. Because well. Maxine and I, being the ladies that we are, have sweet tooths/teeth. (sweet teeth?) and so yes. No cookies were there to see or spare. But Maxine's friends did create for her these terrific little clothespins to clip her food nice and tight. So you can adore those like I did if you'd like:

Cookies were a delicious success! Studying not so much! But hey now, it is the Christmas season! Eat, bake and be merry! Embrace the darn snow. It is pretty biddie cute. The world becomes so much brighter when you love on the little things I think! Bonne semaine!

25 November 2009

La Pluie

Littlebiddie is not too pleased at the moment.

I happened to be spending a lovely afternoon visiting les magasins, the stores, (purely educational purposes) when I looked out the wee window and beheld a torrential downpour. I did not have my umbrella, bien sûr, so I was granted the opportunity to walk through the little typhoon with nothing but my little black coat and its petite hood. I kindly asked la pluie, the rain, several times to please stop. But alas, we are in Montréal, and I do think the language barrier impeded our conversation. Or maybe French rain is just a bit dismissive? Either way, it did not stop. There was also a kindly gentleman who, filled with holiday cheer most likely, sped through a beautifully deep puddle situated right next to me, plastering me with gutter water! I was thrilled! :) !

But that was not was I was going to write about. Aujourd'hui, today, I started to take pictures of the little stores that surround where I live. The first place I would like to introduce is called Asiatique, and they specialize in beautiful teapots, cups, mirrors, fans, furniture and a myriad of other pieces from all around Asia. The tea pots were the most beautiful things you ever did see! I also sampled a vanilla-green tea (if i remember correctly) in this tiny circular glass cup that made me feel like quite a royal biddie. The sales man was super polite and put up with all mes questions, and explained everything to me. At this point I am most likely a tea connaisseuse. 

Currently working on how to subtly take good pictures in a store haha these are not that good but still just so you can see!

There was a pretty wide range of tea at Asiatique and they give out free samples. Biddielicious.

Oh and this little one was found on the side of the road a couple of weeks ago. I guess la pluie did not listen to him either.

Bonne soirée! À la prochaine!

23 November 2009

Beautiful Sunday

Today I had the immense biddie pleasure of doing my favorite thing in the whole wide world. I ambled through the streets of Montréal and sat my little self down in the bookstore on Rue St. Catherine and read books. For four hours straight. Ouais. Four hours.

I love the smell of books, the look of them, the feel of turning the pages. Books are a true biddie in my heart. They bring beauty into everyday life. Excitement, adventure, joy, grief, confusion, hilarity. It's beautiful. All of it.

In the summer, before I began university, I would walk downtown to the bookstore, for the sole purpose of paging through dozens of books, anything that caught my eye.

Sometimes, I would buy myself something to eat for the walk towards St. Catherine. A sinful little cone of Bilboquetpeut- être? Or a macaron au caramel et fleur de sel? How about a perfectly tiny piece of chocolate with écorces d'oranges? 

Walking (well rather floating if it was the Bilboquet I was eating) down the street in my own little world, savoring every silky ribbon of taste in my mouth, I would soon get to the store. Smiling widely and very likely alarming the employees with my slightly over enthused Bonjour! I would make my way to the books and begin to dream through their words.

Since school has started, I haven't had as much time to go to my favorite place, but today was special. I finished my paper for class early so I was able to have a lazy, beautiful, biddie Sunday. I could smell the special holiday treats and hot drinks being made in the café as I sat with my pile of books. The aroma of the warm goodies and the stories of all my treasured books made me smile for quite a while. Four hours to be exact.

I cannot wait to taste and smell and watch and read and delight and laugh and cook and love this season! Winter is coming to Montréal!

21 November 2009


Salut! Hello fellow internet bloggers. How are you all? Today is the day I start my blog called Littlebiddie! I'm a uni student in Montréal and will be writing about my adventures in food, fun, fashion and funkyness! Can't wait to show you this crazy city, its people, its places, its language and its culture!

I love pictures but I love cooking and baking even more so expect a lot of delish looking things to grace these pages. The word "biddie"is a word one of my best friends made up that can be applied to anything that warms your heart! I hope my blog can be one of your little biddies!

Bye for now! Bonne journée! À plus!

Caitlin! :)