25 November 2009

La Pluie

Littlebiddie is not too pleased at the moment.

I happened to be spending a lovely afternoon visiting les magasins, the stores, (purely educational purposes) when I looked out the wee window and beheld a torrential downpour. I did not have my umbrella, bien sûr, so I was granted the opportunity to walk through the little typhoon with nothing but my little black coat and its petite hood. I kindly asked la pluie, the rain, several times to please stop. But alas, we are in Montréal, and I do think the language barrier impeded our conversation. Or maybe French rain is just a bit dismissive? Either way, it did not stop. There was also a kindly gentleman who, filled with holiday cheer most likely, sped through a beautifully deep puddle situated right next to me, plastering me with gutter water! I was thrilled! :) !

But that was not was I was going to write about. Aujourd'hui, today, I started to take pictures of the little stores that surround where I live. The first place I would like to introduce is called Asiatique, and they specialize in beautiful teapots, cups, mirrors, fans, furniture and a myriad of other pieces from all around Asia. The tea pots were the most beautiful things you ever did see! I also sampled a vanilla-green tea (if i remember correctly) in this tiny circular glass cup that made me feel like quite a royal biddie. The sales man was super polite and put up with all mes questions, and explained everything to me. At this point I am most likely a tea connaisseuse. 

Currently working on how to subtly take good pictures in a store haha these are not that good but still just so you can see!

There was a pretty wide range of tea at Asiatique and they give out free samples. Biddielicious.

Oh and this little one was found on the side of the road a couple of weeks ago. I guess la pluie did not listen to him either.

Bonne soirée! À la prochaine!

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