25 January 2010

Un concert!!!

Exciting news! Yesterday evening I pinched a celebrity.

Yes, you have read correctly mon ami, I pinched a celebrity. Let me explain.

At about 5:30 in the evening of January the 23rd, 2010, I was sitting in the study room of my dormitory located in downtown Montréal. I was studying none other than the belle langue of français. Unfortunately the topic of my studies was la grammaire. Grammar, though, has never been something dear to my heart.  I may even dare to admit to you that I actually do not like grammar in the least. Speaking? Love everything about that to pieces. Writing? Spelling? Conjugating? Mesdames at messieurs, mais non! 

In the midst of my er working very very hard on my grammar, I decided it was necessary to call one of mes amies to discuss strictly educational things. I was soon told that my friends were waiting outside a theatre hall for a Switchfoot concert. Ben Alors, my goodness gracious, did my grammar workbook slam itself so quick and shove itself into my bag so fast that you would have wondered if it was ever there.

According to inside sources, there was one ticket left for me being held by a kind dude at Le Studio Juste Pour Rire, where the concert was being held. BUT! I had fifteen minutes before the doors opened and if I did not get my little self over there in essentially the next ten minutes, he was going to sell the ticket to another willing buyer. When I tell you I ran, I RAN.

My coat was flapping crazily around me as I jetted it over four blocks of Montréal terrain and whipped past disgruntled passers-by. But, guess who made it and got that little biddie ticket? C'est moi!!!

Switchfoot was CRAZY. They played their entire new album and a bunch of their older stuff. The crowd was so intense, so packed in, so kooky crazy, that everything felt electric! Or actually that was most likely just just the numerous elbows thrown into my face (their elbow level=my eye level=ouchie) but still INTENSE!

At one point all these these french boys kept yelling about something and pointing to their friend, during one of the heaviest craziest songs. They were making such a fuss about it that finally the lead singer stopped and looked over. These kids wanted their buddy to get on stage and play. During the biggest song, of the biggest, most well known guitar solos in this band's history, this kid wanted to get up on stage and play.

So up he went. The kid got onto that stage, was given the lead singer's guitar and NAILED IT. Wow,  if I could describe the sound, sight and feeling of the entire room, as he played...it was nuts. Nuts!! It was awesome and I think I can speak for whole the crowd when I say we all felt a bit of pride seeing one of our own, a lowly commoner, get up on stage and totally rock out lead guitar! C'était super!!!!!!! 

After random bouts of jumping down and walking through the crowd (it was here I got in my pinch. I didn't mean to-I just kind of tried to give the lead singer a congratulatory pat on the back that turned into a semi-pinch), crowd surfing, throwing drumsticks, hats, towels and other articles into the crowd, and two encores, that Switchfoot finally said goodnight. And wow, what a night it was. J'aime Switchfoot!

I must confess I was squished half the time because of my vertically challenged stature (although it makes for good sneaking up to the front of the crowd!) and could not get quality pictures. Mais, here are some snaps that capture a crazy night in a crazy city nonetheless.

I have videos from the concert but, unfortunately, I cannot post them. You see, at the time, it seems I thought singing at the top of my lungs would make for the perfect addition to EVERY song, and, alas, nothing can be heard but something of a high pitched little scream throughout all of my videos. I do think I drowned out the entire band with my biddie voice. Anyways, BONNE SEMAINE!

be blessed mes amis!

18 January 2010

Je suis desolée!!!

Allors, I am très très sorry for being absent! I forgot that in addition to living in Montréal, I also go to school here. This certain little school happens to be particularly challenging at the moment! I did my first official school news article which despite much time spent researching, interviewing and writing, the article was given quite a trim and turned out to be the epitome of biddie-ness in the actual paper haha. I don't mind though. In fact, through writing the article, I met some awesome people! Yes, des personnes qui sont très intéressants, some people who are very interesting indeed. The article was about The Tony Blair Faith Foundation and their activity on campus and around Montréal. Check out the site!

But! More interesting things. Went scaddadling around town this morning after church at Riversedge and came upon the cutest little street you ever did see. I do think the wind was being a bit sassy blowing things around everywhere, but I compensated by skipping every other step to keep up the heart rate and ward of numbness in the pinky toes.

We poked in and out of little stores on sleepy Greene Avenue in the Westmount neighborhood of Montréal. It was very quiet and almost quaint, tucked safely away from the craziness of downtown. The little neighborhood has a bit of history, too! When Montréal used to be very divided by its two languages, French and English, Westmount became the hub for Québec anglophones.. hence the very English street name. In the opposite direction, however, the Plateau neighborhood of Montréal was land of the French! And it still is super french, mon ami, so si vous voudrais y aller, if you would like to go there, bring your french dictionnaire and a big big smile, un sourire :)

I will have you know, however, that in order to get these lovely little snapshots I had to endure many a grouchie little stare. The sales girl in one of the boutiques nearly jumped out of her winter boots when I took out my camera and asked if I could take pictures. Tahaha it did make me laugh.

But anyways here are some pictures from Greene Avenue and elsewhere around town! Also, some pics from the first big, beautiful, frosty- the- snowman type of snowfall back in December! (It hasn't snowed quite that much in awhile)

This was a dress made out of wire in an art gallery on Greene Avenue!

et voilà...a little view of la belle ville. Hope you have a great week I promise to post regularly now!

                                                                           À plus!

02 January 2010

Biddie is Back!

Biddie is back in the land of snow and hockey! After scampering all around two airports, getting scolded by a decidedly grumpie flight attendant, sailing through the crowded airport terminal aboard my luggage cart, and pretending I was Swiss (milled around with arrivals from Geneva) I am back in la belle province!

I must say, I was a bit nerveuse, nervous, watching out the window as our plane streamed downwards through thick fluffy whiteness that I assumed must be a mass of clouds. I soon realized, however, after we had been in this little "cloud" for about 20 minutes that I was actually staring at the ground. It was covered in thick fluffiness and, though I was admitted to college, I had not been able to differentiate between the ground and the sky.

But alas, important things! I left my biddie camera (tellement très biddie) cord in Montréal over break and was not able to load pictures on my laptop all darn break! Zeut! Rest assured, however, there was many a biddie adventure over Christmas break!! I will elaborate on them more later but here are some petits morceaux, little pieces, pour vous, mon amie! 

                                                                 À la prochaine!