04 May 2012

Concerts of Colour!

So wintery little February in Montreal, my friend E.J. and I went to a  City and Colour concert. The first thing you must know about this band is that Dallas Green has a silky, soulful voice and, therefore, this is the only justification you need for going. The second thing you need to know is that you do not need to be a die-hard City and Colour fan to go. E.J. has been a fan for a time, mais moi?, uhm, not so much. That whole 'you're a-poser- if-you-don't-know-every-line-of-this-Blink-182-song' condemnation from middle school no longer applies in college/university/life thereafter. That's right girlfriend with le nose ring and pink tipped hair,  anyone is free to get to know a band and simply enjoy!

City and Colour, in particular, has a super relaxed vibe while simultaneously retaining the ability to get you hyped. The concert was the perfect little biddie antidote for the strangle of papers and studying and attempting to convince your departmental office to give you credits from exchange in France.

Also on another note, it is highly advisable to stand in front of amusing people at a concert. Not only does this make for overhearing hilarious/ridiculous conversation but also somehow makes the entire night even more of a comical/unforgettable experience. Mmk, well actually EJ and I cannot go anywhere without making a ruckus of something, but in any case, we are both advocates of humorous circumstances. So stand with some characters :)

Ah yes, that last picture is classic E.J. Also! I forgot to mention that there was some sort of event going on at Place des Spectacles near the theatre. We obviously had to ask some tourists to take pictures of us in front of the paparazzi wall. Mehehe.

hehe! February in Montreal is actually not that bad ;)

03 May 2012

Ode to Philadelphia

Philadelphia! You lovely little jem! Who knew you were so fresh, and lively, and inspirational!  Your historic architecture soars high above dining booths and boutique windows, bringing unexpected grandeur and spirit! Your close, intimate streets and the stone walkways which line them, remind me of the the 1940's when women wore pumps and men wore fedoras. Daily. You're unique and unexpecting, Philly je t'aime!

Spring Break Blitz!

Snuck off to the BK with my Montreal roomie during Reading Week this February! Before heading over to Williamsburg, though, we tried the famous grilled Mexican-style corn at Cafe Habana in NoLita. T'WAS AMAZING. Really. We were forewarned off its deliciousness and the cravings that might follow its consumption.. HOWEVER, (or as my own lil Latina grandmother would say, howeber) I did not expect it to be that tasty. I was smitten from the moment I saw the beautiful lil sprinkling of parmesan over its roasted top. Delightful. The corn could have been from Jersey it was so sweet!  (We do make the best corn, by the way.) It wasn't quite as good as summer grilled corn on the cob, but hey, pas mal, mon ami, pas mal. The hipster-licious crowd also probably added to my amused little spirit and general enjoyment. All around, a very enjoyable and NoLita meal!

My lovely fashionista friend Lauren showed us around her neighborhood and introduced us to her three/possibly four? college-age male roommates. Brave woman, indeed. Their place is also home to a sassy bull dog who used to be an illegal dog fighter. He has the scars/lack of ears to prove this.
All my BK pics came out blurry but here is a little peek of a night of red wine, tapas, and laughing chicas at Cadaqués near Bedford & 1st!  


T'was a lovely Reading Week :)