18 April 2010

J'ai fini!!!!!!

There is a few very delicious things about going to university. Do you know what the sweetest of the sweet is, though? Le drumroll s'il vous plaît...

I AM FINISHED WITH MY FIRST YEAR! and I am still alive and kicking, as my mama would say. (Or maybe a lot of people's mothers say that?) I am in love with the little fact that the school year is done by mid-April. Beautiful! I am a wee bit sad to be leaving my little biddie Montréal for awhile. However, I cannot wait to see what awaits me back in my little hometown, which incidentally, seems to be making like my little cousin and growing up quite fast while I am away. 

I cannot believe I survived the BRUTAL last months of my freshman year program. The thang nearly killed me. Really. I may, in fact, not be alive right now and just never realized I had passed on. 

See last post for explanation. 

Anyways, posting pictures from scattered, crazy, awesome, funny, random events since January. (Sooo long ago!)

Flitted my sneaky lil self away from February in Montréal to Arizona! Embraced a DAZZLING winter week in the desert. Sedona, Pinnacle Peak, Bell Rock, local hikes, and World Market (I may have to take up permanent residency in World Market). Spent an awesome, energizing, beautiful, yummy, peaceful, hilarious, cutie-pie filled rest with some of my favorite people in the whole wide world! I love you O'Neills!!

Tickets to and from Toronto

My friend and I went to see Living Proof Live with Beth Moore and Travis Cottrell!! We traveled like quite the grown-up-est of ladies on a train all the way from Montréal to Toronto. Rest assured, we did not, absolutely not cause any trouble by laughing obnoxiously at a multitude of biddie things. We may have almost missed our train and lugged our lil bags up and down every confounded street in north  Montréal, but we sat our little selves on that train, merci beaucoup. We met the two sweetest ladies in the lobby of our Toronto hotel and because we were lil chitlins all by ourselves,  they officially became our adopted mamas. These ladies were so fun. 

Four ladies+big rainy city+one map= hahahahahah

DELISH THANG (not the boy on stage.) (working on that.)

Snuck away to Vermontie with my family. It's so close Canada that I may have to periodically jump across that lil border when I feel that I am forgetting what America looks like. 

en route through Québec countryside

Stowe, Vermont

hahahah yes they are. And yes the factory is there. 
And yes I did go. 

And no, I couldn't resist. 

Graveyard dating back to Civil War

Back at school. Chocolate run. Elongated, sitting down, fruit fondu yumminess, nothing-to-do-with-running run.

Campus on a quiet spring night. 

Et voilà, mes amis. 

I have plenty more to post. But for now, I must soak up my last few days in la belle province, before returning for the summer to the place of my birth. I do so love being dramatic with my language.  

Maintenant, je suis fatiguée. LittleBiddie is ready to go home.

"If I rise on the wings of the dawn,
if I settle on the far side of the sea,
even there your hand will guide me
your right hand will hold me fast."
Psalm 139:9-10


The paper was due at 5:00 p.m. sharp. It actually said "sharp" on the rubric.

I was furiously typing as fast as my lil fingers ever did type. A proper symphony of tapping, clapping keyboard letters.

Suddenly it was 4:36. Wait, WHAT

Fingers flying at this point, pounding on that poor lil biddie keyboard. Huffing, puffing, OKAY DONE. PRINT.

no paper. (obviously).

4:43. EMAIL TO FRIEND. Commence to RUN (SPRINT) out of dorm study room, still holding laptop. Was not at all wearing proper shoes. Amazing friend prints out paper and adds the name of my professor to the heading of the paper. I had written Prof. P. Thought (mistakenly) it was a bit humorous. I may have also forgot how to spell his name (Polish). Friend fixes paper. She is smart.

4:56. All the world is a blur. I am running my own personal Olympic 50 meter. (Except that it was a bit more than fifty meters, I should think.)

See classmates walking back from Director's office, papers already handed in.



Tumble into Director's office.

Place paper in her hands.


Look at cell phone.


5 o'clock. Exactly.