30 November 2009

La Neige et Les Biscuits

Quick word from littlebiddie today as I have yet to do the multitude of things I should be doing. Take note: blogging is an extraordinary way to put off one's studies. ANYWAY! Today I woke up and pulled back my wonderfully off-white curtain to reveal an enchanting, soul-singing sight. A beautiful little blanket of snow dusted the rooftops and sidewalks of downtown Montréal and light snowflakes fluttered and danced down down and around like happy little papillions, little butterflies. I couldn't help the biddie smile that spread itself wide across my face. I danced my way over to the shower where I assuredly spent much too long a time singing to myself. I wouldn't dare to miss this occasion, though, as I know my dear neighbors love to hear my (quite high pitched) singing in the morning.

In response to the winter weather that is setting in, my friend Maxine and I decided to do one of mes   passe-temps préférésone of my favorite thingsBaking, bien sûr! Cookies! Now, I have always enjoyed eating healthy things and have recently, I will admit, become a part of the organic fresh food revolution thing that has gripped er, the world I guess. I purchased this organic cocoa powder from a shop on my street awhile ago and had never used it. Alors, Maxine and I resolved that we must find some way to use it in the cookies! Also, we had no money buy real chocolate.

                                      Here is le cocoa powder. Biologique, thank you very much:

                                                                      le progress: 

And alas! We made a beautiful discovery! Maxine found le chocolat! A bit old perhaps, but delicious all the same! Straight into the batter it went! We also took care to blast a bit of Brian McKnight Christmas music in the process. Brian, je t'aime.

                                                               avant the baking...

and well. I do not have après, after, the baking. Because well. Maxine and I, being the ladies that we are, have sweet tooths/teeth. (sweet teeth?) and so yes. No cookies were there to see or spare. But Maxine's friends did create for her these terrific little clothespins to clip her food nice and tight. So you can adore those like I did if you'd like:

Cookies were a delicious success! Studying not so much! But hey now, it is the Christmas season! Eat, bake and be merry! Embrace the darn snow. It is pretty biddie cute. The world becomes so much brighter when you love on the little things I think! Bonne semaine!

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  1. Yum, your pictures make me wan tjto bake. We just got rain, rian and guess what rain