02 December 2009

La Papeterie

Bonjour mes amis! I have just gotten back from looking at a bunch of old paper! Yes, crinkly, wrinkly, crumbley and old! I am beside myself with old paper delight. I know you must be getting excited just hearing about it so I will explain.

One of my classes has just had a field trip to the Osler History of Medicine Library. Now I already know that you think that sounds fascinating, but, if I may be so bold, you may not have known that this is where hundreds upon hundreds of Ancient, Medieval, Victorian, and all kinds of other oldie-ish type texts are held! Awesome to stare straight into the pages of an ancient, hand-written, hand-bound book! I could even see little teeny tiny ink smudges and scribble-outs. I said to that little book, hey I make my scribbles like that too! Someone's actual hand had been dancing, writing across the very page where my (quite alarmingly un-manicured) hand was!

 Mama, at least I know you are getting excited about this.

Anyways. Yesterday, right here in the 21st century, I visited the cutest little paper shop on my street, Avenue du Parc. Beautifully decorated with a kaleidoscope of pencils, papers, erasers, notebooks, clips and accessories of all kinds! The stationary was très élégant imported from Paris, London, Milan, Tokyo! Smitten. I was smitten. It was like walking into a smile. A big beautiful buck-tooth smile. Or maybe that's just what I look(ed) like, but either way I was delighted. I was so happy when I went up to the cash register that I do believe that shop owner thought I was a bit off in the head. But biddie let me tell you, I was! Regardez: 

The calendars were biddielicious! And I may have been sat myself down on the floor just to get a picture of the amazingly ornate, oldie-esque radiator. Again, Mama at least you will understand the littlebiddie excitement over this.


This yummy lil shop sits right at the end of Ave. du Parc near the intersection of du Parc and Sherbrooke. It is called Nota Bene. It is a papeterie. A little paper shop.

And a little biddie.

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