04 December 2009

Biddie is blessed

Littlebiddie feels warm and fuzzy inside. No it is not from the alarmingly adorable black sweater that I am presently wearing. It is not even because of my suede, très chic Montréal boots, that I am feeling elated. Nope. It has nothing to do with me or my clothing (though I do soo love getting dressed up! And let me tell you, this mama will become protective of over her little baby chaussures, her shoes.)

No, it is that I've had one of those moments where you realize how fortunate you are. Really, though. I am! Sitting on my cozy little bed, in my cozy little dorm room, surrounded by the sweetest flickering Christmas lights you ever did see. Never mind the fact that they are from Dollar-ama. They are are doing their sweet little thing strung along the walls casting long, lovely colors across the room.  My roommate and I have been permanently in the Christmas spirit since Canadian Thanksgiving. It is in October.

Watching these bright little bulbs makes this biddie happyy! So blessssssed to be here!!! And I have a feeling the streets of this city are singing a silent little song of their own.

Look at these kids! Thinkin they are too cute! A sassy little sculpture downtown

      Also, went an awesome little pâtisserie, place of pastry goodiness, the other day with my friends. Dozens of luscious, soft, silky, smooth cheesecakes were lined up on the other side of a long glittery glass case. I stared at them for quite a bit. But I soon saw something that made my soul sing even more! Sitting above the big grown up cheesecakes, were the babies. They were sitting right in a row, a deliciously cute little sight to me. Little cakes small enough to sit right in the palm of your hand. Parfait. I ordered the Tiramasù (An Italian word I must admit, but I do not discriminate) and oh it was just as luxuriously lip smacking-ly sweet as only a cheesecake can be. He was a cute lil one too.

Bonne soirée :)


  1. omggg caitlin my dorm room is also decorated with christmas lights and i even have my own little tree and they also make me feel warm and fuzzy :)


  2. YAY Magan! Sorry it is January and I am just learning to read and respond to my commentsss!!!!!

    but yay again for magan!