23 November 2009

Beautiful Sunday

Today I had the immense biddie pleasure of doing my favorite thing in the whole wide world. I ambled through the streets of Montréal and sat my little self down in the bookstore on Rue St. Catherine and read books. For four hours straight. Ouais. Four hours.

I love the smell of books, the look of them, the feel of turning the pages. Books are a true biddie in my heart. They bring beauty into everyday life. Excitement, adventure, joy, grief, confusion, hilarity. It's beautiful. All of it.

In the summer, before I began university, I would walk downtown to the bookstore, for the sole purpose of paging through dozens of books, anything that caught my eye.

Sometimes, I would buy myself something to eat for the walk towards St. Catherine. A sinful little cone of Bilboquetpeut- être? Or a macaron au caramel et fleur de sel? How about a perfectly tiny piece of chocolate with écorces d'oranges? 

Walking (well rather floating if it was the Bilboquet I was eating) down the street in my own little world, savoring every silky ribbon of taste in my mouth, I would soon get to the store. Smiling widely and very likely alarming the employees with my slightly over enthused Bonjour! I would make my way to the books and begin to dream through their words.

Since school has started, I haven't had as much time to go to my favorite place, but today was special. I finished my paper for class early so I was able to have a lazy, beautiful, biddie Sunday. I could smell the special holiday treats and hot drinks being made in the café as I sat with my pile of books. The aroma of the warm goodies and the stories of all my treasured books made me smile for quite a while. Four hours to be exact.

I cannot wait to taste and smell and watch and read and delight and laugh and cook and love this season! Winter is coming to Montréal!

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  1. Oh Caitlin! We miss your writings...little biddies they are. Like warm spiced cider on this cold rainy NOvember eve.