09 December 2013

Fall Faves!

     I realize that it is the 9th of December and that Christmas is only 16 days away (!!!!!??), but I am still processing my very eventful fall season. New and cozy smelling babies, savory turkey dinners, fall romps, birthday escapades, the iconic (to me, at least) smell of a leather saddle, scrumptious baked goods, hot and sweet coffees, and lots of friendly faces in between. I have had quite an autumn.

     I'm still in the midst of my job search and it has been going très sloooooooowly. It seems not many people are hiring in positions that are suitable for me. Yet, I know that I am in this little city for a reason! I am choosing to trust that God has it under control as I continue to fill out my applications, send emails, and write cover letters. My cover letters, by the way, seem to be gradually waning on the creativity and eloquence scale...whoops. 
     Anyways, I did capture some little moments this fall and looking at them makes me smile. Here are some snippets and wee stories to go along with them. 

1. Exam day breakfasts. When Lester has his big block exams, I try to make something special and sweet in the morning to fuel brainpower. As I said, this is purely for Lester's educational success and not an excuse for me to make indulgent brekkies. ahem. 

2. Okay, this one is kind of a lie. I do not-cannot- bring myself to drink green smoothies errmorning when I could instead be eating something of the carby variety. But, alas, I think it's quite cute how our smoothie cup sizes correspond to our real-life sizes. hehe.  

3. Fall decor! Earthy tones and old library vibes. I went on a jog along the Detroit River one afternoon and picked up this lil' assortment. It was a tad awkward in the elevator ride back up with my fellow residents, probably because I didn't care to explain why I was bringing dead plants to my apartment. #noshame 

4. Morning quiet times and Yankee Candles. Amen. 
4. Windsor skies. Sometimes this town surprises me. 

4. That time(s) I got a Pumpkin Spice Latte with all the trimmings. #dontholdthewhippedcream

5. Baked goods-The joys that can arise from overripe bananas!

6. Late summer produce? Yes please. Tomates farcis. 

5. Went on a cozy date with a cute date! We tried a new Italian place downtown and I had braised short ribs. GIRL, WOW. Luscious and saucy and splendid. 

And now I am hungry. I think I shall go make something with eggs in it. Can I just ask you, how amazingly versatile are eggs?! SO VERSATILE!, you say. That's right my friend, so I am off to eat some. Have a lovely week and trust that God is in control. 


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