14 April 2014

Chick-a-go Part One

Hello people of the interwebz! Well, two weekends ago I had my very first experience with deep-dish style pizza. Where did this, as they say, go down? uh-DUH..Chicago!

When Lester suggested that we road-trip over to the town of the Big Bean, I was happy, but I didn't think very much about it. My only recollection of Chicago had to do with Josephina, my hispanic American Girl Doll...which I was given because I am part hispanic, and yet, do not at all appear to be. (The relatives call me blankita.) Anyways, enough about identity crises.

We left Windsor in an excited mood, anticipating the chance to shuffle around the city sans snow boots in the warmer weather. I began to realize something was amiss, though, when the sky only seemed to take on more of a grey tint as we pulled closer to Chicago. Sure enough, by the time we were at the hotel it as pretty darn froid, with bitter winds a blowin'. Looking down at my piddly (...yes, I did) scarf and thin pea coat, I sighed. Not AGAIN! Winter would not have the last laugh this time, however. As it turns out, we would have an unexpectedly amazing time in this Windy little City. 

                              When I think I am being chic and photogenic...
                     This is what happens.... AHA.

                                 On another note, I would love to work here!

I must admit that I had no expectations for Chicago and was definitely caught off-guard by how truly delightful it was. Those wide streets were so clean, the architecture so varied and handsome, and the crowds so light and lively that I was shocked! 

And of course, the PIZZA. Ladies and gentlemen, here you are:

     My verdict? YUM! The cheese itself, which seems to be about 75% of the pizza, was seasoned and tasty. I also thoroughly enjoyed the lil onions, mushrooms and peppers tucked into the mozzarella. Tasty little jems!


     While it was delectable, I do prefer my normal style pizza. I simply yearn for the chewy/crunchy crust, the layer of cheese that sinks into the bread, the little drip of oil that trickles onto your hand as you fold. I enjoyed D.D.S.P. (got lazy right thur) but I will be forever faithful to my tomato pie.

     These last pictures are from the Purple Pig, which was absolutely fun and crowded and everything a wine bar/tapas place should be. We sat at the communal high-top and even made some friends! And by that I mean my husband made friends. You see, he is able to spot people hailing from his homeland a mile away and has no problem interrogating them about his suspicions. Turns out, they were indeed Taiwanese and many pictures and peace-signs ensued. Kidding, but not really.


Sitting here looking at these pictures makes me smile because I am still a little bewildered at the coolness of the Windy City. Who knew, I ask you, WHO KNEW?! In any case, I have more adventures from our second day to show y'all and I can't wait to share! :)

                                                       Bonne semaine à tous!

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