03 March 2010

Oh lala

Salut tout le monde! My lil mind has been a tad askew as of late. This school thing is kind of hard!
The midterm exams for the program I am in, were oral exams. Just you and two professors. C'etait très stressant, quite stressful indeed. 

However, on a funnier note (well yours truly thought it was a teeeensy bit amusant) I caused a little unintentional ruckus in my professor's office building. While waiting to "do" my exam I was, I must admit, prancing around the deserted hallway, iPod plugged securely into the ears. If you sat in the waiting area next to the interrogation room (a.k.a. prof's office) you could actually hear the student scheduled in the time slot before you speaking. The whitewashed walls were so thin, I could make out every pause, every slight stumble over a word, every soft "uhm..."every shake of the voice.  Listening to a fellow captive struggle through her torture was beyond my capacity and so I took to my prancing. Somewhere along the way I decided I should go to the bathroom before my turn. I certainly did not want any kind of call from nature during my session, you understand. 

So off I went down the hallway through a couple of open doors, past some very busy, at-work-looking people. I found my way to a biddie little bathroom, clean and with a pink fluffy little mat on the floor. I decided that I must take classes in this building on account of it's matching hand-towel and toilette seat cover. When I walked out of this little box of cuteness, there were a wee bit too many eyes staring at me, however. I do believe it was the dean of the building who was waiting for me upon my emergence, and it seems that I somehow unknowingly wondered into her bathroom. I had an internal little Ohh lala! before my attention was directed to more important things. She was definitely the one who chose those matching linens. I could just see that they were a perfect personality match for her. Bravo, Madame! Je l'aime!  

After offering my humble apologies, I left the hallway in a minor cloud of fruity fragrance (I had helped myself to some of her cucumber-melon hand lotion) and scampered back towards the interrogation room giggling at my escapades. This little biddie can be quite a mischief maker,  I'll have you know. 

Anyways, sorry for that random interjection. After exams I went off to AMAZING Phoenix, Arizona where I stayed with some of my FAVORITE people in the world! My Tia, Uncle, Nana and cousins! It was so beautiful and deserving of a full post in itself, but I just can't resist putting up a few pictures! Here are a few before I do a whole post on Arizona!

                                    "In one hand He holds deep caves and caverns, 
                                     in the other hand grasps the high mountains...
                                     His hands sculpted the earth!" Psalm 95:4-5,  
                                     The Message

                                                Have an amazing week mes amis
                                                           Bisous! À bientôt! 

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