21 June 2010


Salut mes amis!! Summer is here back in the land of er...hamburgers and Benjamin Franklin. Alors, so, what in the world do I say? I think I may choose to be not so long winded as per usual.

I really have so many things to blog about my head may well roll right of my shoulders into the laundry bin. Anyhow! Some things I must quickly share with you:

1. I have completed my first Europe trip with one of my bestessstt friends in the cosmic galaxy and had the time of my life. J'aime l'Europe! Beaucoup!! I may have even spotted the (biddie) president de la France.



2. I am presently working a lil internship in finance. Yes, it has precisely zero correlation/connection/relevance to any area that I am talented in. Mais non mon ami, I am not completely useless. I have contributed significantly in the reconstruction of many an office chair...I have resized the majority to oblige persons of smaller heights. I am not quite sure how the 80% male population in the office will react to this, but I am hoping for the best.

3. I have officially decided that I am marrying a quite famous international soccer, le football, player.


4. Am currently revising my brilliant plan de succès pertaining to #3.

5. Have been exposed the zany little world of modern art via NYC's MoMA. I do not say this with mockery, mes amis. I am personally very fond of brightly colored spheres and twirling bits of metal. A littlebiddie like moi may not fully understand the concepts, mais I respect those lil crazies anyway.




6. Attended Renegade Craft Fair in the BK. If Renegade was a deli-esque item, it would be a crispy pastrami on toasted rye with oozey salty cheese. In other words, utter deliciousness.



 7. I have set out on a mission to show the world (k not the whole world) that New Jersey does, mais oui, have greenery and gardens and other such eco-friendly greatness! I am getting involved with an organization that introduces kids to cooking with organic fruits and veggies. YAY!! This may be the very biddie cause for my nerdiness, but I LOVE COOKING AND VEGGIES!! These pics are from Riverside School District in Princeton, where they have something similar to Alice Waters's Edible Schoolyard.



Et mainant je pense que ça suffit. I think that about does it for now, mes amis. I will try to be quite diligent about my blogging and keep my ramblings to a minimum. Whilst we both know the latter will not happen, I am sure I will talk to y'all soon. 

À plus!


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