02 February 2011

C'est l'hiver à Montréal!

Salut chers amis. How goes it!! It's super duper snowy and billowy and white and windy and puffy on the streets of Montréal right now. Littlebiddie looks quite like a miniature walking snowsuit when she chippers to school these days tehehe mais, c'est bon mes amis, c'est bon!

The only lil thang that has been bothering me as of late is the fact that my trusted lil boots have ripped at their seams. Quite literally. The zippers on both the right boot and the left boot (respectively) have recently announced their resignation and are no longer working in cooperation with the idea of walking through snow. Like my little sister, they are quite cheeky and can often be sassy. I have therefore decided I am going to give them time to reconsider their comments/actions. Otherwise, we are off to la cordonnerie, the shoe shop repairman.

Last year, l'année dernière, I went to le cordonnerie to inquire about some luscious little leather boots I had spied in the shop window. When I went inside, however, the owner, the little monsieur, was in the workshop around back. But! The little monsieur had left the door a bit ajar and I was able to glance in and see a beautiful little sight. Shelves and shelves of beautiful, fresh, dyed leather hung from thick wooden shelves all around the workshop. Big metal sewing-implying things were installed at the ends of long, wide wood tables. I do believe I started to think of Pinocchio whilst soaking that little shop in, but was soon made to regain focus when the little monsieur noticed me standing in the middle of his shop.


                     mehehe at the shoeshop! chez le cordonnerie!

I don't think he reeeeaaaaallly fancied the thought of me taking pictures, so I didn't. Well, mmkay, I snapped like two! hehee those little french boots were impossibly mignon, cute, but I simply could not justify their direct purchase. Now, maintenant, it is a different story :)


Alas, I shall get to work on finding some boots. Yeee I love explorations!
Explore something new about your world today, mon ami!
                                                                         à plus! 

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  1. zappos.ca has some pretty good boots! But I don 't know how long you can wait, your toes might need some cpr by the time they arrive