22 January 2014

à la taïwanaise

Hellllo! Today I am sharing a few little photos of my forays into Taiwanese/Asian cooking. To be completely honest, it is always a bit of a risk when I try to cook Asian food. I often have no reference point for what things are supposed to taste like, which I am finding, is less than ideal. In addition, my knowledge of Asian ingredients is comprised of...soy sauce. I should let you know, however, that I can hold my chopsticks like nobody's business. I didn't say pick up food, mind you, just hold. Gotta start somewhere my friends.

Anyways, somewhere in the midst of my little cooking escapades,  I began to notice a suspicious little trio that seem to crop up in many a Taiwanese recipe. The select players in this group were sesame oil, oyster sauce and my beloved little soy sauce. I began to see that they were often at the base of many sauces and marinades. I do believe that this has been the discovery of my year. Mix these three bandits together and you can lift any lonesome chicken cutlet, any longing noodle, any moping morsel of beef to new heights. With some fresh herbs and a pair of pretty plates, you have got yourself one classy feast.

Not the best photo, but so yummy and simple!

Also, one of the loveliest things about lusciously marinaded chicken or beef is that the leftovers can be used in a variety of ways! An eclectic salad perhaps? Actually, that's one of my favorite ways to make salad; just add a small amount of last night's ingredients to create an exciting and healthy meal.

Oh and also, I should confess one thing before closing. I have developed a slight addiction. The cause of this obsession? D-U-M-P-L-I-N-G-S. Yes, OH yes. Dumplings may be, in fact, some of the best savory little mouthfuls on the planet. They can contain a multitude of things, but my favorite are pork and vegetable dumplings. Uhm, YAH, really good. The thing you need to know, my friend, is that you can buy them. Yes, it's true! My dumplings of choice are a type of pre-made, frozen dumplings. I can hear the cries of protest, but I promise that you can find delicious frozen dumplings. You just have to commence the search. Mon ami, you will not regret the decision. This particular afternoon, I made a silky carrot soup and paired it with the pork and veggie dumplings. Et voila, Bon appétit!

Try something creative in your kitchen this week so that you stay interested in your cooking!
Bonne semaine à tous!


  1. I'm hungry after looking at your photos! I'm married to a Taiwanese (American) person, but I don't know enough about cooking Taiwanese foods. I wish my mother in law is here so that I could at least learn some dishes. And when we go back to Taiwan to visit, we always eat out (it's cheaper and we want to try different restaurants in our short stay). I need to try cooking on my own. :)

  2. Hi Nami! Sorry just seeing your comment! Yeah, we were in Taiwan over the summer and it was amazing! But so true-we always ate out. So much great food and totally affordable :) My husband loves Japanese food so your blog is a treasure trove for me! :)