08 January 2014

The Best Kind of Sweetness

Ladies and gentlemen, today is a beautiful day. Sunny, snowy, bone-chillingly cold, but actually quite a beautiful day. I started it off with some Cream of Earl Grey tea and things have only been improving. Oddly, enough, not too much about my current situation (joblessness) (serial chocolate chip eater) has changed, but I guess my perspective continues to take on new dimensions. What are these so-called dimensions, you ask?

Well, a broadened and renewed confidence in my God, for one. Lester and I have been reading through the Psalms lately, and my oh my, how poignant those words are! It is believed that King David penned many of the Psalms himself, which is interesting to me. This is mostly because David did not have an easy life. His time here on God's green(ish) earth included episodes of people slandering him, people extremely intent on killing him, enemies trying to harm his family, betrayal by close friends, betrayal by his own son, the devastation caused by his own failures, the loss of a very close friend and confidant during a time of hardship, and the deaths of some of his children. Yet, what David writes during these trials is different from what you might expect. He most definitely writes of his anguish, desperation, and confusion-but he also follows these lines with verses praising his Lord and Creator, verses of love and thanksgiving. David knew the reality of living down here and all its included problems, but he also knew the reality of his God. 

In reading through more of the Old Testament, I eventually realized somewhere between Goliath's tumbling to the ground and David's joyful dancing as the ark was carried back into Jerusalem, that I cannot do better than God. No one can do better than God. He knows all, created all, sustains all, and ultimately controls all. (I realize those are loaded statements but...will I choose not to trust Him because I do not fully understand Him?) I can be hopeful and even happy(!) in my current circumstances because I am loved by a God who has a plan for me and who has all things under control. Like David I can find security and confidence in Him, if I will choose to believe that He will be faithful and good to me. 

Read this verse, chèr ami, and store it in away in your little heart and zany brain:

"Oh taste and see that the Lord is good!
Blessed is the man who takes refuge in him!" 
Psalm 34:8

Well, I have just discovered a smushed piece of chocolate chip in my bible on the first page of the Psalms. But I have also decided that this is quite fitting because, really, God's words are the best kind of sweetness to my soul. I hope you too will seek Him in whatever kind of pickle, debacle, state of chocolate addiction and/or other serious problem you may be dealing with right now.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
xoxo Coco

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