13 January 2014

Some Wintertime Moments

Hello my friends! Here are some belated winter snaps. A few things that I have come to learn this fall and winter season:

          -Winter is beautiful if you choose to try to enjoy it. I've been loving the tangled tree branches that surround me. Some brown, some solidified in crystal looking ice, some topped with just a little snow. I think we might miss some truly splendid natural beauty if we only look forward to the spring.

           -Taking the time to grab a little dinner with your special someone is really so nice! We've been hitting up little sushi joints and pizza places just to get out and about! Whilst en route to your restaurant, take the time to prance around in the snow if you have some! I feel that this should be a requirement for all winter walk-abouts. 

           -Scrabble. I am pretty good. Just sayin.

           -I had tons of fun making Challah! I used this recipe. Whilst making my little (but BIG) bread, I kept singing, "I ain't no CHALLAH back guuuuuurrrrrrl!" I was quite tickled. 

          -Lester and I had a truly magical little Christmas. I loved being able to celebrate with both sides of the family. Our time in New Jersey and New York was sososo lovely and it felt like a prefect New York Christmas.

          -Lastly, I sung in front of people recently! And I have awful stage fright! I had been praying about this, which I realize sounds like NBD, but it was for me, in fact, ABD. Lord, thank you for giving me courage in the little things and the big things! God is good. 


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