13 September 2013

An exploration and it's acquisitions

A few days ago, I had a girlie lunch: a bright and beautiful salad. You see, as a woman of five feet and one biddie inch, I do not have much surface volume to space out my lady curves. For fear of turning into a little snowball, I sometimes make my self a teeeensy bit of a lighter meal. My husband, who is exactly one foot taller than me and has the metabolism of Michael Phelps during his Olympic training regime, can afford to eat basically anything. Not I, dear reader, not I.

What exactly did I put in this deliciously healthy little salad? I started with a little bit of leftover whole wheat pasta, added some crunchiness with raw almonds (next time I will toast them!), mixed this with a bunch of baby spinach, and nestled a wee hard-boiled egg in the corner. I salted and pepper-ed it, dressed it with a little bit of honey-dijon, and voilà!

After savoring this lean little lunch, I decided to venture out into my new city. I soon came to the conclusion that Windsor is unique to me because of its blending of the urban and suburban. At times, I felt as if I was walking along the tree-lined streets of central New Jersey (and, yes, green does exist in New Jersey) and then suddenly, upon reaching the end of the street, I would realize that I was in the downtown core of an actual city! I am beginning to greatly appreciate this aspect of Windsor. 

Of, course, whilst on my little jaunt, I began craving something sweet. As I marched along, I wandered east-ward and found myself in the primarily Middle Eastern neighborhood of the city. I was properly slack-jawed over the sheer number of Middle Eastern bakeries surrounding me. I popped into the nearest bakery and bought six cookies for only three dollars. A definite win, I should say. 

I then made my way towards Blak's Bakery, on Langlois Avenue. As their website states, the bakery has been owned and operated by the Blak family since 1918. I do love me an establishment with some history. 

Unfortunately, my arrival at Langlois Avenue was a bit later in the afternoon and many of their items were already sold-out. I did manage to procure myself a little square of cherry tart, though. And, after I had scampered home and enjoyed dinner with my husband and sister-in-law, I revealed my tiny treasures. My husband made some High Mountain Taiwanese green tea and we sat down to taste the little gems. 

I was a tad caught of guard by the tang of the cherry tart, but I enjoyed how it melted into the buttery crust upon first bite. The cookies, likewise, surprised me. I am normally a crunchy cookie lass, but I also revel in a soft, chewy number. These were neither! I quickly found a common feature in all six cookies: crumbly and studded with nut flavor. I am thinking that the dough was mixed with almonds or walnuts, creating a cookie that was much less moist than I am accustomed to. Yet I found that with a sip of my tea, these cookies were a lovely match! As I savored the last bite of my cookie, a toasted almond/walnut flavor lingered on my tongue and I believe that is where the biggest flavor burst of these cookies lay. After our munching, I decided that I will be returning to both establishments. I also decided upon another verdict, dear reader. An afternoon started with a salad, should always conclude with a cookie.

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