11 September 2013

A Fresh September

I absolutely love the start of a new season. More particularly, the start of a new school year. In my family, Back- to-School-Shopping was a bonafide family outing. We'd pile each of our excited selves into the van and head to the outlets. For whatever reason, I had an odd affection for Timberland-style boots as a child, and the trip culminated for me in the procuration of new pair. I was quite "grunge" in pre-school, it seems. Moreover, the sheer delight we received from buying new pencils (the wooden Ticonderogas with LEGITIMATE erasers) was frankly hilarious. Wielding those things in the depths of the pencil sharpener was utter satisfaction. It's the simple things, people, the simple things.

Right now, I happen to be writing from a little cafe in Windsor, Ontario. I can hardly believe it! No longer in my beloved Montreal. Quite a difficult adieu. Seeing as I had the nerve to graduate from McGill University, get myself married, and move to Southern Ontario in one fell swoop, I am rather to blame, I guess. It is still crazy to consider though, that only 5 months ago, I was most likely sitting at my little desk in Montreal, writing some confounded essay about the history of human existence upon the earth (only a slight exaggeration). For for which I probably obtained a mediocre grade (only a slight exaggeration).

Yet, as I sit here now, a little anxious, a little (LOT) uncertain, a little giddy, a little (LOT) excited, I can't help but smile. It seems to me that this thing called living is filled with a bunch of fresh changes and new changes. It so happens I've experienced several monumental ones in rapid succession, but I do believe I will make it. I am out of familiar territory, but I have a God who leads me and guides me, who works all things together for my good. Praise God, that I even have the chance to live and breath and laugh. I dare say, dessert munching and wine sipping are included in His blessings!

                               " If I rise on the wings of the dawn,
                                 If I settle on the far side of the sea,
                                 Even there your hand will guide me,
                                 Your right hand will hold me fast. "

                                                                       Psalm 139:9-10

                                 Here's to a new season and a new city, my friends. Let's explore together!

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