12 September 2013

DT Windsor Farmer's Market!

            It's been incredibly hot here in Windsor lately, which is frustrating for me mostly because I am fixing to burn my "Pumpkin Spice" candle. One does not burn a Pumpkin Spice candle in 91 degrees.

           Anyways, I recently became involved in the Down Town Windsor Farmer's Market. I keep having these moments where I say to myself, I have found my people, I have found my people! Who else would talk with me about micro-greens, pea shoots, and native apple varieties! Oh, the joy.

              Alas, the morning of market day, I woke up around 6 a.m. and made my way over to Charles Clark Square. As I walked along the river, I had one of those random moments of appreciation. The city was peaceful, quiet and cool. The water rippled gently along the shoreline, and Detroit sat motionless across from me. I walked up to the square around 7a.m., to find a short line of vans and trucks pulling up to the curb. Vendors were carting baskets of fruits, vegetables and leafy greens of incredible color across the market. I soon met the general manager, Steve Green (aptly named, I believe), and was immediately put to work. As I greeted the vendors, I asked about their goods and their farms and their interests. Talking to the baker, the ladies selling about 7 varieties of lettuce, the fishmonger (from whom I bought the freshest and tastiest trout!) among others, was simply fantastic.


Seriously, the Down Town Windsor Farmer's Market is truly a wonderful little place. Besides providing residents with organic fruits, vegetables, fish, meats, baked goods, and even coffee (!) at extremely affordable prices, the market is becoming one of Windsor's gathering places. It is lovely to see all types of Windsorites from the city's diverse neighborhoods, coming to enjoy a morning together...whilst munching on some delectable item, of course. My advice: Put the pumpkin candles down, people, and come visit the market this Saturday :)

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