24 September 2013

Breadcrumb Hand Syndrome (B.H.S.)

             Sometimes all you need is a simple little meal. In our apartment, that usually means something is getting pan-fried. And, quite frankly, I do not mind me a little pan-fry. Recently, however, our dining routine took an unexpected turn. No pan frying occurred and, moreover, there was none a female chef to be found. Rather, another pair of hands was dredging and breading and baking. The peculiar talents of a lesser-known chef. Believe me you, I was quite intrigued to see what would come of this venture. But as this tall figure took to his trout, I slowly watched a meal emerge.

It was fascinating, and a tiny bit humorous, to see how this fine fellow dealt with Breadcrumb Hand Syndrome (B.H.S.). His technique was simply to cease all usage of the compromised hand. 

Additionally, another unforeseen shift took place. It turns out that this chef is very energy conscious. Instead of using the entire oven to cook four filets of trout, he opted for the...TOASTER OVEN. I know, I was also flabbergasted. Would it all fit? Would it cook our precious fish properly? Would my toast be trout-y in the morning? 

I decided to lay aside my anxieties and observe. 

It helped that he wore a shirt that I approved of. It says, I love my wife. Indeed, chef, indeed.

This rogue chef's techniques paid off. Within the hour, I was sitting and enjoying a deliciously tender trout with a deliciously cute chef.  Ça plane pour moi, mes amis, that works for me.

Bonne semaine! xox

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